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Below are the current requirements for entry into South Korea.

Flight Crew

South Korea is allowing crew to enter Korea without PCR test results. However crew are required to download the 'Self Diagnosis' App. Once the crew have arrived in Korea, we will go through the installation steps with them. Below are the links for download:




To enter South Korea, all non-citizens must bring a document showing a negative PCR test result. The test should be taken within 48 hours of boarding the flight to South Korea.

  • Document should be in English. If not available certified translation is required.

  • Key information required on the document:

1) Full name, matching name in passport

2) Birthday (YY.MM.DD)

3) Date and time of test

4) Result of test

5) Type of test performed

6) Date and time of document printing

7) Name of testing centre with stamp or signature

Please contact our team for more information.

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