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We offer tailored Support & Solutions to clients in the aviation industry.

Infinite Jet Korea's motivations are pure.

First and foremost we love aviation. This love is the base for all our actions.

Equally, we love great service. We get genuine pleasure from going beyond expectations.

We know that positive interactions form the bones of our company. The more we do this, the more we grow.

Our clients put their trust in us because they know everything we do, we do it with them in mind.

If a flight needs to operate in South Korea, we promise to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Korea FBO, Seoul FBO, RKSI, RKSS, Business Jet Handling

The essence of who we are as a company is simple.

Support, Solutions & Service



Korea FBO, Seoul FBO, RKSI, RKSS, Business Jet Handling



Our philosophy is based on a 6S promise to the client: 




FBO at Gimpo Airport

Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center

The premium gateway into South Korea

Korea's first FBO opened in 2016 and this premium facility offers passengers quick and easy access into Seoul.

The VIP terminal is owned and run by the Korea Airports Corporation (KAC), a government organisation that operates 14 airports around Korea. 

The FBO also includes a hangar, which can come in handy during Korea's colder months. 

The concept of an FBO in Korea is relatively new, so we at Infinite Jet Korea do our best to promote its value at every opportunity.

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