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Gimpo Airport's Private Terminal


There is only one private terminal In South Korea and it is located at Gimpo International Airport, just 30 minutes from downtown Seoul. The terminal was opened in 2016 and serves VIP passengers arriving & departing from business, private or charter jets. 

The Seoul Gimpo Business Aviation Center (SGBAC) is wholy owned by KAC, a government agency that operates 14 airports around Korea.

The aim of this facility is to provide a gateway into Korea for VIP guests, for whom time and ease of use is of the upmost importance.

Infinite Jet Korea utilizes this amazing terminal, allowing our passnegers a premium passage into and out of the country.

Please take a look at some of the photos below, which display the amazing facilites that both passnegers and crew can enjoy.


Also be sure to check out the sections further down.

We have provided a bit of history about Gimpo Airport and also a look into the future of a couple more airports around South Korea.

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Gimpo International Airport

Gimpo Airport has served an important role in South Korea's recent history. As the gateway into the country for over 40 years it played a key part in the rise

of the nation's economy, opening up international connections to foster the growth of both business and tourism. 

Gimpo played a major role during the Korean war (1950-1953), 

known then as the Kimpo Air Base. In 1958  it was designated 

as the international airport of the capital, replacing Yeouido Airport. 

It soon became the main airport of the entire country.

The first terminal opened in 1971, Terminal 1 then opened in 1977.

It experienced rapid growth in the 1970s and 1980s and Terminal 2

was added to accommodate the influx of arrivals for the

1988 Summer Olympics.

Gimpo has helped develop the aviation industry in Korea. ​

Take a walk down memory lane with us by viewing these photos:

Infinite Jet Korea


Our focus is to provide complete support for business aviation flights to Korea.

We take care of everything required for a successful operation.

At all times we aim to anticipate the needs of the client, with service at the heart of everything we do.

From the Sky above, to the Ground below, we've got it covered.

Korea FBO, Seoul FBO, RKSI, RKSS, Business Jet Handling


One Stop Service For Flights into Korea


Permits to operate over Korean Airspace

Korea FBO, Seoul FBO, RKSI, RKSS, Business Jet Handling
Korea FBO, Seoul FBO, RKSI, RKSS, Business Jet Handling


Assisting VIPs through the Airport

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